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Technology Transfer and Commercialization


Welcome To Technology Transfer and Commercialization

The Division of Research and Economic Development manges the  technology transfer, licensing, and commercialization process at Jackson State University. The Tech Transfer Unit  assists faculty, staff and students in identifying research with potential commercial interests and help to develop strategies for how to exploit these interests. Strategies may include patenting, copyrighting and trademarking; seeking licensing opportunities; and promoting startups. The Unit also manages the university’s intellectual property portfolio, establishes collaborations between industry and JSU researchers on SBIR and STTR projects, and facilitate the process of obtaining Mississippi Urban Research Authority (MURA) approved status to have material and financial interest in companies.




Technology transfer at universities refers to the process of transferring research and innovation developed within the university to the private sector for commercialization. This process is typically managed by a technology transfer office (TTO) within the university, which is responsible for identifying potential technologies, assessing their commercial potential, and then licensing or transferring the technology to a company or entrepreneur who can bring it to market.

Universities have a wealth of knowledge and resources that can be used to create new technologies and products, and technology transfer is an important way to ensure that this research is used to benefit society. By transferring technology from the university to the private sector, companies are able to develop new products and services, create jobs, and promote economic growth. Additionally, many universities also receive royalties from the commercialization of their technologies, which can be used to fund further research and innovation.

The process of technology transfer at universities can include a variety of activities, such as intellectual property (IP) management, licensing, and startup formation. The TTO typically works closely with researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry partners to identify and develop commercially viable technologies, and to help navigate the process of bringing a technology to market.

It is important to note that the technology transfer process is not only a way to commercialize the research but also a way to protect the intellectual property rights, ensure compliance with regulations and laws, and to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the university and industry partners.

Our Vision

Technology transfer and commercialization refer to the process of transferring technology developed in academic or research institutions to the private sector for the purpose of creating a product or service that can be sold in the market. This process involves identifying potential technologies or innovations, assessing their commercial potential, and then transferring the technology to a company or entrepreneur who can bring it to market. The goal of technology transfer and commercialization is to promote economic growth and job creation by turning cutting-edge research into commercial products and services. Additionally, it helps in the development of new technologies, products and services which can be beneficial for society as a whole.

Technology Transfer and Commercialization


Technology Transfer and Commercialization
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